Mushrooming with dr. Fungi


Let's enter the magical forest and meet the mushroom kingdom. Their mysterious world begins where ours ends. Under the ground. Mushroom picking is our passion and a way of life that deeply connects us with our ancestors. Mushrooms have extraordinary power: "They can feed us, heal us or kill us." We have great respect for nature and take our mission just like mushrooms very seriously but with a lot of fun!



The mushrooms are calling and I must go! Are you coming with me?



Mushroom hunting in the wild is like hunting for hidden treasure. Mushrooms have a special ability to enchant us and awaken the hidden child in us! Certain mushrooms are not easy to find, but once you see them – pure happiness takes over your whole body. We are overcome by a feeling of freedom, unconditional love and an intense connection with nature. The journey into the depths of the forest and oneself is a holistic experience that serves as relaxation and helps to restore balance.


Numerous studies confirm what humans have intuitively felt for thousands of years - walks in the forest are healing. Trees emit phytoncides - natural antibiotics that stimulate the formation of white blood cells, which are important for our body's resistance. Spending time in nature also lowers blood pressure, increases the ability to concentrate, recovers faster from illnesses and surgeries, increases the level of our physical energy and improves sleep, and reduces the level of stress hormones.


Due to three different climates (Alpine, Mediterranean and Pannonian) and with its vast forests, Slovenia, with its mushroom diversity is a real mushroom paradise and a phenomenon in a global format - even for those who do not enjoy to eat mushrooms or are not the gatherers. Their beautiful colorful kingdom calls out for photography and always fascinates even the most demanding photographers.


According to experts' estimates, there are around 15,000 species of mushrooms in Slovenia, and the Mycological Association of Slovenia has so far discovered and named around 3,500 of them with Slovenian names. True mushroom pickers are aware of the extraordinary importance of forests in Slovenia and are happy to help them with their mission, which is of extraordinary importance for the entire planet. We behave responsibly and do not pollute the environment, and conscientiously pick up all the garbage in the forest after unsuspecting people. Our mission is to educate people and help them to re-connect with nature and themselves again. Join us on this unique sensorial journey that has a beneficial effect on our body, mind, energy, emotions, consciousness and relationships.


Let's enter the magical forest with all our senses. Let's help them spread the spores and fulfill their important mission. The planet will be grateful and the mushrooms will give you a rich gift in thanks.


The main mushroom picking season in Slovenia is from the end of March to November, but our mushroom picking experience is carried out every day of the year - in all weather conditions, as nature gifts us with various unique wild foods and seasonal mushrooms throughout the year.


We pick mushrooms in different locations (Ljubljana area and Triglav National Park). The decision of where to go is made by the guide, based on his experience and knowledge - where the mushrooms are growing at the given moment.


We respect Slovenian legislation, according to which one person is allowed to pick up to 2 kg of mushrooms per day and it is forbidden to pick all protected mushrooms (41 species).





Meeting point at Lifetime experience institute or at another previously agreed location, from where we will drive towards the forest, where, according to our prior information, mushrooms will grow during the visit of our guests. The mushrooming experience takes place at Ljubljana area or Bled or Bohinj area (Triglav National Park). Micro location is the secret!


Learning & discovery:


- Mushroom kingdom and the tradition of the “mushroom hunting” in Slovenia.

- Slovenian legislation regarding mushroom foraging and brief instructions on forest etiquette.

- Smudging with white sage, which serves to cleanse negative energies and protect us (it also acts as a natural protection against insects and ticks)

- Mysterious life of trees, the role of the forest and mushrooms - Mushrooming as "forest bathing". When mushrooming, it happens spontaneously that a person, for his own safety, slow down his pace considerably and involve all his senses when identifying mushrooms.


Mushrooming: Our guests are given traditional mushroom baskets for mushroom hunting so they can participate actively in the favorite Slovenian "sport" and help us to spread the mushroom spores. We take care of providing knowledge and fun challenges: hunting for a specific mushroom, identifying selected lesser-known types of mushrooms that we found in the forest during the experience. The guests are given the task of determining them themselves, with their newly acquired mushrooming knowledge and with the help of professional literature. - In the middle of the forest we will enjoy health promoting “cup of herbal tea” to recharge our body. We will have relaxed conversation about a healthy lifestyle and a short education about edible, medicinal and poisonous mushrooms.


The golden rule: "Never pick mushrooms you don't know." Some are edible only once!


We will conclude our unique experience with lunch in a local restaurant, where we will also taste wild mushrooms. We are more than happy to share all our knowledge and our grandmothers' secret recipes with our guests. Do you know what is the most important ingredient in excellent Slovenian cuisine? It is hiding in the name of our country...

Please visit and experience sLOVEnia with us!




Re-connect with nature!

Please help us and the mushrooms to spread the spores.


An hour spent in the forest affects our brain better than any antidepressant.





Not included: transport (we can arrange it for you), drinks, tips

Duration: Approx. 4 hours


Location: Ljubljana area or Triglav national park

Walking distance: short easy educational and recreational walking

Time: every day / year round


**This programme was developed according to sustainable tourism standards and with the smallest possible impact on the environment, especially wildlife.
**Mandatory equipment: comfortable clothes for walking in the forest, sneakers or hiking shoes. In case of bad weather, we recommend warm clothes and a raincoat.



PRICE : 169 €

per person

( min. 2  people - price 122 per person)

( min. 2  people)

Mushroom hunting with traditional "mushroom" lunch:

7 people or more  - 122 Eur  / price per person


Infants - up to 2 years old - FREE






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Price includes:

- a shamanic smudging with white sage incense, for cleaning negative energies and protection (also acts as protection against insects and ticks)

– education about mushrooms for culinary use

- mushroom foraging under expert guidance - a unique "forest bath" or listen to the mushroom voice – education on the use and collection of medicinal herbs

- medicinal herbs foraging – a forest tea ceremony and a relaxed conversation about the importance of tea and forgotten rituals

– a cup of homemade local herbal tea (hand picked)

- education about local medicinal mushrooms

- demonstration of home-made medicinal mushrooms oils and tinctures (Turkey tail, Birch polypore ...)

– traditional Slovenian lunch with mushrooms

– a practical gift

Min./max. Participants: 1 - 12


Departure point: meeting point agreed upon booking


If you have any allergies or dietary restrictions, please let us know in advance.





Not included:  transport (we can arrange it for you), drinks, tips

Duration: Approx. 4 hours


Location: Ljubljana area or Bled & Bohinj area (Triglav national park)

Walking distance: short easy educational and recreational walking

Time: every day / year round - 10am or on request

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