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Hiša Franko dues its existence to traditions and local environment of the lush Soča Valley – harsh, remote, but breathtakingly beautiful. Set at the foothills of the towering mountains and next to the emerald river Hiša Franko’s cuisine sources from what the nature has to offer.

The diet in these parts was always dairy and meat based, so expect a lot of cheese and all its by-products on our menu. The restaurant is closely knit with the community of foragers, shepherds, cheese makers, hunters and fishermen.

It’s an area abundant with trout, deer, goats, fruits and wild plants that we incorporate in our plates on the daily bases.

Hiša Franko is one of the newest entries on the 50 Best list, but its legacy goes back 50 years, when Valter’s father Franko served his famous English roast-beef in the house where during the World War I Ernest Hemingway may or may not written Farewell to Arms.

In 2023 Hiša Franko received three Michelin stars.